Announcement about BTH main network upgrade and start main network switch

Bitcoin Hot has been running stably for a long time and its safety has been verified. Limited by the technical architecture, the chain performance and scalability is not good. To solve this problem, the technical team decided to upgrade the main chain. The new Bitcoin Hot chain introduces BVM virtual machine based on DPOS consensus, supports intelligent contract, has excellent performance and simple scalability. In November 2019, the technical team began testing the new main network. After evaluation, the performance of the new main network meets the expected requirements. The new Bitcoin Hot main network was officially launched at 20:20 on February 20, 2020. The BTH foundation is about to launch the exchange between the original Bitcoin Hot Token and the new Bitcoin Hot Token, with the exchange ratio of 1:1.

I would like to thank our community supporters for their trust and support over the years, and our global business partners for their professionalism and enthusiasm in the process of ecological cooperation. BTH foundation will continue to forge ahead, do a solid job in the comprehensive upgrading of BTH main network, and make every effort for a better tomorrow with rich ecology and efficient consensus.

Please pay close attention to the official announcement for details of the exchange and mapping in the BTH main network upgrade.

Bitcoin Hot Foundation

March 10, 2020