AI Solution Digital Chain

A collaborative ecology of artificial intelligence resources based on block chain

The perfect combination of AI and blockchain will create an AI platform that all people can participate in

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Although artificial intelligence has made great achievements in pattern recognition, knowledge engineering, robotics and other fields after years of development,
there are still many disadvantages in current AI technology

Network hijacking

artificial intelligence is an unattended centralized system, once
hijacked by the network will bring serious security problems.

Data leakage

artificial intelligence relies on sensors and other security
risks may cause data leakage.

Islands effects

ai technology relies on data, but much of it is not directly
accessible in the marketplace.


The different roles in the process of AI application development are separated.Through free information release and resource exchange on the ASDC chain,
the data of all links in the whole ecology of artificial intelligence are integrated to form an AI collaborative development application platform based on block chain

Distributed systems

Data encryption

network sharing

Upstream infrastructure
operating system
Cloud computing services
Data Service Platform
Network Operators
Midstream Technology Research and Service
Computer vision
Natural language processing
Human-computer interaction
Deep on learning research
Downstream industry application
wearable devices
Virtual Personal Assistant
Intelligent Security
Intelligent medicine
Smart Home

The whole ecology of artificial intelligence is composed of AI developers, AI demanders and AI resource providers. ASDC redefines the cooperative relationship among various participants,
promotes the win-win situation of the whole ecology and promotes the rapid development of artificial intelligence


AI Resource Market

By providing AI resource market, ASDC enables developers and demanders to make full use of open AI resources and further promote the development of artificial intelligence.

Multi-scene virtual personal assistant

Highly efficient and personalized virtual personal assistants are indispensable to the future of the intelligent world, and ASDC will enrich future life in a seamless way

In order to rapidly promote the development of ASDC platform and realize its commercial application value,
ASDC project issued 100000000 pieces of ASDC based on ERC-20 token standard. The allocation rules are as follows:

purpose Allocation Quantity Price(USDT/coin) Release Rules Remarks
Foundation Distribution 10,000,000 0.0145 Lock Position 100%, release 40% 6 months after ASDC enters the Exchange, 20% quarterly. /
Private Equity Distribution 30,000,000 0.029 Release in accordance with ISO rules of CC Exchange /
Team Reservation 10,000,000 / Release 2 years after ASDC enters the Exchange, 25% annually. For Team Motivation
Eco-mining 40,000,000 / Release after it is launched For ecological construction
Market Business 10,000,000 / Not lock position For market promotion and online exchange